DC297 - DC DUO 0.6oz - Pink Bliss (NEW COLLECTION)

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Pink Bliss #297 – A light panther pink with nude peach undertones

DND DC Duo 100% Pure Gel Pack: 1 Gel Lacquer 0.6 oz + 1 Lacquer .0.6 Matching Color


  1. Gently remove the shine from the nail bed with 180/240 buffer and clean the oil/dirt from the nail bed.
  2. Apply 1st thin layer of Daisy soak-off gel color. Be sure to seal the free edge foe each step
  3. Cure under UV Lamp for 2 mins or LED for 60 seconds
  4. Apply 2nd layer Daisy Soak-Off Gel Color. Cure under UV Lamp or LED lamp with the same time as step 3
  5. Apply Daisy Top Gel. Cure under UV Lamp or LED with the same time as step 3
  6. Use a lint-free pad/nail wipes with nail cleanser to remove the tacky residue on the nail


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