DC 9D Cat Eye - Creamy #34 - Royal Paws

SKU: DC9D-34

$10.50 $12.50

Show off your grace and charm with a pale purple shade made for royalty.

How To Apply Cat Eye Gels:

  1. Prep the nails.
  2. Apply a Gel Base Coat.
  3. Apply your choice of DC Cat Eye Gel Polish.
  4. Create the Cat Eye Effect using a Magnet.
  5. Cure under a UV/LED Lamp – Cure ONE Nail At A Time
  6. If desired, apply any color gel base of choice
  7. Apply a Gel Top Coat.
  8. Apply Cuticle Oil

*Applying thick layers of gel color can result in an uneven cure leading to chipping and peeling.

*This product doesn't come with a magnet.


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