Salon-Like Gel Nails

The Apres nail kit is a popular choice among DIY nail enthusiasts for a variety of reasons. Aside from being loved by experts, all the components are easily portable and affordably priced. Don’t need the full set? Choose from an array of Apres Nail Gel X tips and build your own kit. Don’t forget to find the perfect polish to accentuate your new nails!

OPI Gel Color

As one of the few national distributors of OPI, we are proud to provide access to a brand that professionals swear by – and to make OPI products available to our clients at affordable prices.

We believe that with the right color, you can choose what your hands express. So take your pick from our vibrant collection of OPI Gel polish that is sure to complement your at-home Apres Nail Gel X manicure. From nudes to bold bright shades, we’ve got something for every Apres nail kit.

Women holding pink purse with red polish over apres nail gel x
Hand with glitter ombre pink to purple nails holding crystals

Newsworthy Nails

Our nail blog offers DIY guides, early access to new collections, and insider tips for nail care.

Whether you’re attempting an at-home application with Apres Nail Gel X, or are wondering about the differences between gel and acrylic nails, our newsletter can help you navigate the world of nail care and beauty with ease.

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At Nail Maxx, we encourage our clients to create their own unique style. To assist countless nail enthusiasts towards this goal, we offer affordable access to top-notch equipment and the best brands in nail care. In addition, we also provide insider tips and beauty guides through our newsletter.

If you’re a DIY nail enthusiast, or are searching for affordable wholesale beauty supplies for your business, we can help you!

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