Portable Precision

While a portable nail drill is a must have in any professional’s manicure kit, DIY artists can use this tool as well. Our high torque cordless drills can be used to easily remove hard gel polish or acrylics from your nails. These are also an ideal tool for quick sanding and filing. Our professional drills are great for thoroughly cleaning cuticles during nail prep and they can help you access side walls.

Choose from a variety of rechargeable drills and explore our other premium salon equipment.

Premium Salon Equipment

With our collection of affordable professional equipment, you'll be able to offer your clients a luxurious salon experience, every time.

Something as simple as a hot towel can go a long way in elevating a client’s experience, helping you lock down a good review for your business. You can warm up to 120 towels at a time in our Fiori Steam Towel Warmer.

Just like our clients countrywide, you too can take your business to the next level.

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Step by Step Guides

Our nail blog features in-depth tutorials and guides for various products and equipment.

You can get updates for new products and collections, or learn about different kinds of nail extensions through beginner-friendly guides that are curated by a team of experts.

Through our beauty journal, we offer insight into techniques that you can easily replicate at home.

Loved by Artists, Trusted by Experts

Nail Maxx offers products from top brands that are loved by experts. From UV lamps and mani pedi kits, to dip powders and nail drills – we’ve got it all.

After years of serving the beauty industry, we have now become every nail enthusiast’s preferred brand for premium quality wholesale nail and beauty supplies.

As one of the few authorized national distributors of OPI, we take pride in offering their products at competitive prices. With Nail Maxx, you can also enjoy early access to new launches and upcoming collections.

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