Say hello to Funny Bunny gel polish by OPI, a soft white that radiates sweet elegance. From classic French tips to trendy pristine toes, it’s the perfect shade for any chic look. With OPI’s shine-intense, long-lasting formula, it stays flawlessly beautiful for ages.

Stay Chic With Funny Bunny

Delight in the enduring charm of white with the OPI Funny Bunny gel polish, a classic shade from the beloved OPI Gel Color collection. This polish boasts a swift cure time of just 30 seconds under an LED light, providing weeks of glossy shine and true color retention.

The best part? Even with its remarkable longevity, this gel feels light on your nails. Say goodbye to bulky, heavy manicures and hello to a refined, enduring look.

Long-Lasting, Elegant Nails in No Time

Using OPI's Funny Bunny gel polish is a breeze. After applying a base coat, simply brush on a thin, even layer of the polish. Cap the free edge to prevent chipping and cure it under an LED light for 30 seconds. Repeat with a second coat for full coverage, and then finish with a top coat.

Hand showing a classic french manicure

Get Creative With Funny Bunny and Nail Maxx

The Nail Maxx Beauty Journal is your go-to source for all things nails, including creative looks using the OPI gel Funny Bunny shade.

Whether you're into classic, elegant designs, or trendy nail art, our nail blog offers detailed guides and inspiration to elevate your manicure game. We’ll also teach you how to complement this Funny Bunny gel polish with stunning nail art techniques, patterns, and designs.

Quality Beauty Supplies Since 2011

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