DND Nail Polish: Where Fun Meets Innovation

Step into the vibrant world of DND nail products and supplies at Nail Maxx. This brand is loved for its wide range of colors and high-quality formulas. Whether you're looking for a classic lacquer, a long-lasting gel, or a trendy dip powder, DND has you covered.

Some of our favorite DND nail supplies include the iconic DND Duo Set, which comes with a matching lacquer and gel, and the premium DC Platinum Collection. We also love the Mermaid hues for their shimmery brilliance and the DC Mood Change Collection for its magical color-changing effects. There are endless possibilities with DND, no matter your style!

Marble Made Easy

Say goodbye to the chunky and lackluster marble nails of the past and enter the future with the DND DC Marble Gel Ink Collection.

Unlike the manual marble manicure, which can be difficult to achieve and often results in a muddy, uneven finish, this DND polish makes achieving stunning marble effects a breeze.

Plus, they come in an amazing range of hyper-pigmented shades — from deep blues and greens to neutral shades — so you can go crazy and unleash your creativity!

Hand with red and yellow marble nails
Hand with light green nails in front of pixel background

Learn From the Nail Maxx Pros

We’ve been in the industry for years, so best believe we know a thing or two about creating stunning nail art!

In the Nail Maxx Beauty Journal, you'll find step-by-step instructions for everything from achieving intricate nail designs, right down to the basics, like applying and removing your DND polish. We also share insider info on the latest brand releases.

With our help, you’ll have no problem immersing yourself in the nail world, where self-expression meets beauty!

Shop Perfection at Nail Maxx

Of course, you can't create amazing nail art without the right products. That's why we carry all the DND nail products you need.

Shop our wide selection of dip powders, gel polish, nail art tools, and more. Not just from DND, but other top brands like OPI, iGel, Aprés, and more.

So, what’s stopping you from recreating that Pinterest board full of dazzling nail looks? Nail Maxx’s wholesale nail supplies are here to help you achieve the nails of your dreams.

Shop today and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $99!

hand showing blue and pink nail art

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