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Whether you’re a salon technician or an at-home artist, applying your OPI gel base coat and top coat are two steps in your manicure you must not skip. The base coat is essential to preparing a solid foundation for your gel manicure to lay on and the top coat helps to seal everything in at the end. Together, these two steps help your manicure avoid chips and peeling off.

Express Your Style With Nail Art

Take your nails from simply flawless to fancy with our vast collection of nail art supplies. Choose from multicolored rhinestones in an assortment of shapes and sizes, as well as stickers and dried flowers of all kinds.

Once you’ve applied your OPI gel base and color, use unique nail art accessories and finish with a top coat. This keeps everything in place so you don’t lose any of those beautiful gems as you go about your day.

Woman with hand on her shoulder and pink nails with green fronds
Someone giving another person a gel manicure

Nail Tutorials and Guides

Explore our nail blog to learn about the latest industry news and insights from a team of experts. Read reviews of the latest products in nail care and enjoy early access to upcoming collections by brands you love.

Our professionally curated guides will help you learn new skills for creating the perfect set of nails. Browse our tutorials for basic tips and tricks. For instance, learn how to do a gel manicure with OPI gel polish and a base and top coat.

Over a Decade of Quality Beauty Supplies

For over a decade, Nail Maxx has been the go-to brand for premium beauty supplies and wholesale salon equipment for countless beauty enthusiasts.

As one of the few national distributors of OPI, we offer a variety of their products at competitive prices. Enjoy countless options for OPI base and top coats, gel colors, nail lacquers, dip powders, and much more.

Our mission is to provide top notch beauty supplies to our clients countrywide.

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