Flawless Tips With Minimal Chips

This range is the ideal choice for DIY artists looking for a professional looking manicure from the comfort of their home. The Caramia Duo collection carries hundreds of diverse shades of nail polish suited for a variety of occasions and skin tones. 

Unlike regular nail polish, soak off gel polish is cured under a UV lamp, allowing the application to dry to perfection. This will make your Caramia gel polish manicure last for weeks without chipping.

Professional LED/UV Lamps

Curing your gel polish under an LED/UV lamp ensures a longer lasting manicure with a professional finish that doesn’t chip as easily.

You can choose from a range of our expert-loved portable, rechargeable, and cordless lamps in different price ranges for different budgets.

If you are a business owner, our wholesale premium salon equipment could be just what you need to take your establishment up a notch. Our professional lamps are perfect for DIY artists too.

Person putting their hand in an OPI LED lamp
Two hands interlaced with mint and white nail art

In-Depth Nail Tutorials and Guides

Our nail blog is curated by experts, for nail enthusiasts of all degrees of experience.

Explore our in-depth, step-by-step guides about different kinds of nail equipment and products. You can also follow our tips and tutorials to create unique looks with your Caramia gel polish at home.

Stay updated about upcoming launches and never miss announcements for early access to new collections by brands such as OPI, DND, and more.

Wholesale Beauty Supplies for All Needs

With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, Nail Maxx has become the go-to brand for nail artists countrywide. As one of the few national distributors for OPI, we offer their products at competitive prices.

Our luxury spa products are loved by experts, and have helped countless clients upgrade their businesses to new heights. As for at-home artists – they love us, and we’re certain you will too!

Shop the Caramia Duo gel nail polish collection and enjoy 10% off on your first order.

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