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iGel Beauty products are a hit with nail professionals, thanks to the brand’s exciting mix of dazzling colors, top-quality products, and innovative offerings. The best part? There’s something here for everyone — shop everything from iGel base coats to dipping powders! We especially love the innovative Dip & Dap Duos collection which pairs matching gel and regular polishes for effortlessly-coordinated and stunning nails and toes. Discover iGel nail products for any mood and occasion at Nail Maxx today.

Spice Up Your Nails with Special Effects

Add a dash of magic to your favorite iGel dip powder shade with fun options like hologram effects, temperature-reactive heat-changing colors, and premium quality glitter that sparkles from every angle.

Whether you’re into full-on glamor or just prefer a subtle shimmer, our special powder effects collection guarantees that extra pizzazz for your manicures.

Take your iGel nails to dazzling new heights today!

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Hand with gold ring shows gold shimmery nails

Get Inspired on the Nail Maxx Blog

Step into a world of endless creativity with our nail and beauty blog, your ultimate destination for mastering nail art with iGel products and more.

But it’s not just about exploration. We also take you through the basics of nail care to ensure your canvas is as flawless as your art, whether that be using your iGel top coat correctly, or keeping your hands and nails healthy in winter.

Check it out today!

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