Nudes to Shimmers with OPI Gel Nail Polish

We take pride in bringing you top quality OPI gel nail polishes at prices that are hard to come by. Enjoy early access to an array of gel polish and lacquer shades as well as OPI Infinite Shine for a variety of skin tones and occasions. 

Get your hands on one of the most renowned nail polish brands and give your manicure the perfect finish. Cure your OPI gel manicure under an LED light for 30 seconds and watch it last for weeks. There’s a reason salon professionals swear by it and at-home artists are bound to feel the same!

Person adding red OPI Gel polish to someone else’s nails over lamp

OPI Dipping Powder

Taking your nails from plain to perfect doesn’t require a host of skills or expensive equipment. You can elevate a simple manicure by using dipping powder as an effective and odor-free substitute for acrylics. 

OPI dip powder is quick-drying and convenient to use for modern and independent fashionistas. Its long-wear formula ensures that you can continue to tackle every day without slowing down to retouch your nails. Choose from a host of shades for whatever mood you’re in!

Adding OPI top coat to dip nails
OPI nail polish and multicolored nail art

Nail It Like the Experts

Our nail blog offers all the tips and tricks you’ll need to bring your best nail game. Enjoy early access to best-selling collections like DND gel polish and explore the latest trends in gel nails with insider tips from top nail techs in the industry. 

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Pioneers in Nail Care

Established in 2011, Nail Maxx Beauty Supply has been a pioneer in wholesale nail supplies for professional and aspiring nail artists alike. As one of the few national distributors for OPI Gel nail polishes, countless enthusiasts can buy OPI gel polish at affordable prices with Nail Maxx.

We believe that everyone should have access to create their own brand of beauty. Which is why we offer top notch equipment at competitive prices and share insider tips that cover the latest trends.

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