Durable Gel Nails 

The Gelixir Duo collection is loved and trusted by experts for creating durable and long-lasting nails at every application. Each set includes a matching soak off gel and a Gelixir nail polish for the perfect curated look. Coordinate your manicure and pedicure by using the gel color on your fingernails and the regular nail polish on your toes — or vice versa! Their professional formula ensures you won’t experience any shrinking near your cuticles or at the nail tips.

Professional LED/UV Lamps

After an application of Gelixir gel polish, use one of our professional LED/UV lamps for easy curing that helps your manicure last for weeks.

Curing with an LED/UV lamp is essential when using Gelixir polish as gel nails do not typically air dry. So, using a lamp helps to harden the polish and sets it in place for a durable and professional looking set of nails that is ideal for working hands.

Browse our range of lamps for a long lasting manicure.

Person putting their hand in a nail lamp to cure Gelixir gel polish
Hand in a loose fist showing baby pink polish over a paint pallet and brush

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Apart from being one of the few national distributors of OPI, we also offer coveted collections of gel polish by brands like Gelixir, DND, and Apres.

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