Perfect Gel Nails, Every Time

DND nail polish is favored by nail enthusiasts across the country. Apart from being truly long lasting with a consistent formula, DND offers a vast range of colors in exciting palettes that suit different undertones. 

Whether you’re looking for a long-lasting gel manicure or a quick color change with nail lacquer, the DND Matching Gel and Nail Polish Duos are the perfect way to take your nail game up a notch. Each set includes a bottle of gel polish with a matching bottle of nail polish. The duo set is the best way to get more variety through a single purchase.

Professional LED/UV Lamps

Gel polish contains a chemical that requires exposure to certain light wavelengths in order for it to be hardened or 'cured'. So, unlike regular nail polish, a gel polish application needs to be followed up with a proper LED/UV lamp to be complete.

After applying your DND gel polish, place your hands under one of our professional LED/UV lamps for proper curing and a flawless manicure.

DND gel polish curing in UV lamp
Black woman’s hand with different colored nails in front of blue sky

Our Guide to Perfect Nails

Our nail blog is filled with tips and tricks to perfect your manicure at home. Learn about the latest trends and get updates for early access to new collections for DND gel polish as well as other brands. 

Follow along for detailed guides, tutorials, inspiration for nail art designs, and so much more!

A Decade Of Trust

Nail Maxx is your one-stop shop for wholesale nail supplies. Having served the beauty industry since 2011, we are proud to be trusted pioneers in nail care for countless artists. 

Over a decade of experience has allowed us to become one of the few national distributors for OPI, and we are glad to offer their products at affordable prices. We also provide competitive pricing on renowned brands such as DND nail polish and Apres Nail Gel X.

Person with red nails paints another person’s nails pink

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