2 in 1 Acrylic & Dipping Powder

The Chisel nail powder collection comes in diverse colors for different occasions. This 2 in 1 acrylic and dipping powder allows you to create unique stamped nail art that will let your nails be the star of the show.

Complete your kit with our accompanying dipping liquids and create unique nail art looks. Our premium quality supplies will help you ace your manicure every time.

The Essential Dipping Liquids

Choose from an array of dipping liquids, including activators, sealers, base coats, top coats, and bonders. Use these in combination with your Chisel dipping powder to create a flawless manicure from the comfort of your home.

Salon professionals can impress their clients by creating unique stamped nail art designs with multiple shades and colors available in the Chisel nail powder collection.

Explore our collection and enjoy 10% off on all first orders.

Applying top coat to someone with dip nails
Two wrists crossed showing dark and light gold nails

Your Guide to Nail Supplies

Whether you’re an experienced nail tech or a DIY artist just beginning to explore the world of beauty supplies, our nail blog offers a variety of guides and tutorials for artists of all levels of expertise.

Explore our professionally curated reviews and learn tips and tricks from our tutorials on different manicure styles. We also offer early access to upcoming launches or collections by brands you love – including OPI, DND, Apres, and more.

Nail Maxx Supports Your Unique Brand of Beauty

At Nail Maxx, we want everyone to create their own brand of beauty! This is why, for the past decade, we have provided premium wholesale nail supplies at affordable prices – so salon professionals and at-home artists alike can create their dream looks.

We offer products from top brands at competitive prices, including OPI Gel Color and Aprés Gel X. Our vast range of supplies also includes spa equipment, LED/UV lamps, Chisel dipping powder, nail treatments, and cuticle oils.

A hand showing red nails over top of red powder

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