The Rainbow at Your Fingertips

Business owners can offer clients their pick of the rainbow with this collection of stunningly pigmented lacquers. OPI nail polish is also available for sale to at-home artists who want to create fresh and unique looks every week using hundreds of shades for all occasions.

It’s no wonder that experts love OPI nail polish. As you finish off your nails, don’t forget to hydrate them with some nourishing cuticle oil.

Professional Nail Tools

Since 2011, Nail Maxx has been supplying businesses with premium nail tools for every purpose.

But regardless of whether you’re a beauty professional or a DIY artist, the right nail tools will help you create polished and long lasting manicures using your favorite shades of OPI Nail Lacquer.

Browse our collection of equipment, including nail files, cuticle pushers, and more. These tools will help you achieve a professional nail look that showcases your attention to detail.

Three hands of different complexions show strong, natural nails with bamboo behind them
a hand reaches for a row of OPI nail lacquer lined up next to a surfboard on sand

Tutorials, Reviews, and More

The Nail Maxx nail blog is every beauty enthusiast’s playground and encyclopedia wrapped in one.

We believe that beauty and knowledge go hand in hand, and both of these should be accessible to everyone.

Which is why our team of experts curates nail tutorials, in-depth guides, and insightful reviews on all the latest products you may be curious about. Follow along to get early access to upcoming collections.

Pioneers in Beauty and Nail Care

After over a decade of serving the beauty industry, we have helped countless beauty enthusiasts, regardless of expertise.

Our loyal clients enjoy access to top collections such as OPI Nail Lacquer, DND Duo, and many more.

Additionally, countless business owners have seen growth after using our premium equipment and wholesale nail supplies.

We are committed to helping beauty enthusiasts across the country achieve their dream looks using the best products that the industry can offer.

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