Stronger Nails for Longer

If you’re looking for a convenient and professional looking solution for stronger and longer nails, building gel is the way to go. Whether you want to apply it to your natural nails, or enhance your nail tips to form extensions, these gels are a great alternative to acrylics that are strong yet flexible.

Complete your manicure with our array of professional gel polish and achieve an expert-approved manicure from the comfort of your home.

The Cure for Perfect Nails

When working with IBD Builder Gels, curing your nails under an LED/UV lamp is essential before moving to the next step.

Our range of professional lamps will help you offer your clients premium service, leading to a longer lasting manicure for them and a better review for your business.

At-home artists can also benefit from our LED/UV lamps to create stunning nails using building gels, regardless of their natural nail length.

Person putting their hand in an LED lamp
Hand relaxed showing taupe nails with blue and pink modern nail art

Nail Tutorials and Guides

Behind our nail blog is a team of experts who curate in-depth tutorials for nail enthusiasts with various degrees of expertise. We also offer insightful reviews and guides for nail equipment and tools, as well as side by side analyses of different kinds of nail extensions.

As one of the few national distributors of OPI, we are able to provide early access to new collections of OPI Gel Color and classic nail polish.

Stay tuned to our blog for the latest news and beauty industry updates.

Over A Decade of Beauty Expertise

At Nail Maxx, we are proud to be the go-to brand for beauty experts and DIY enthusiasts alike. Over the past decade of service, we have helped countless clients upgrade their beauty businesses – and you could be next!

Aside from offering an array of gel polish brands, we also carry all kinds of salon equipment, nail accessories & treatments, varieties of IBD builder gel, top and base coats from numerous brands, and so much more.

Person wearing black gloves trying nail color on client

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