What Is Gel X?

With the recent rising popularity of nail extensions, many of us may have worn acrylic and hard gel nail extensions before. While it is certainly true that wearing nail extensions can make you feel put-together and beautiful, unfortunately, frequent applications have the potential to leave your nails feeling dry and damaged.

Although nail treatments and strengtheners might help once incorporated into your nail routine, it may be smarter to altogether shift to less damaging options when it comes to nail extensions.

This is where Aprés Gel X nails come into the picture, but what is Gel X?

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What Are Aprés Gel X Nail Extensions?

Aprés Gel X nail extensions are a revolutionary system for creating natural-looking nail extensions that are lightweight, durable, and long-lasting. What is unique about the Aprés Gel X system, is that unlike traditional acrylic or hard gel extensions, it uses a soft gel formula that is cured with a special LED lamp. This makes Aprés Gel X extensions easier and quicker to apply.

There are several other advantages of opting for the Aprés Gel X nail extension system. Here are a few of our key takeaways.

5 Benefits of Using Aprés Gel X Nail Extensions

1. Natural-looking Nails

If you’re someone who loves the natural look, but also has trouble growing your natural nails, the Gel X system is for you. The Aprés Gel X system is unique in that it uses special tips that are designed to fit the natural shape and curve of the wearer’s natural nails, allowing for a more precise and comfortable fit. 

This helps to create the illusion of natural nails so you can live out your long-tipped dreams in comfort.

2. Diverse Selection of Nail Tips

The key to a natural-looking manicure lies in the fact that the Aprés Gel X tips come in various sizes, shapes, and lengths to suit different nail types and preferences. This is what ensures that you’ll find your perfect fit with Aprés Gel X nail extensions.

Person’s hand wearing bare Aprés Gel X extensions

3. Seamless and Lightweight 

One of the benefits of the Aprés Gel X system is that it creates the appearance of a seamless nail extension. What is really a Gel X nail tip sitting atop your finger, appears to the untrained eye like your actual nail.

This allows the elimination of tedious, bulky and obvious nail tips. The gel formula also offers a lightweight and flexible feel, making it comfortable to wear and easy to maintain for longer durations.

Ringed hand wearing Aprés Gel X nail extensions at dressing table

4. Durable and Long-lasting

Another advantage of the Aprés Gel X system is its durability. The extensions can last for up to four weeks without lifting or chipping, and can be filled or removed easily whenever needed. This is what makes Gel X such a popular alternative to acrylic and hard gel extensions.

5. Ideal for Working Hands

This makes it a popular choice for those who want a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution for their nail extensions. Aprés Gel X extensions are especially ideal for busy, working hands.

Hand with Aprés Gel X nail extensions against beige cloth

Unique and Innovative Nail Solutions

As beauty enthusiasts, we are always eager to welcome new and innovative approaches to revitalize our standard beauty regimens.

The Aprés Gel X nail extension system is one such unique solution to creating natural-looking nail extensions. Aside from offering lightweight, durable, and comfortable nail extensions, Aprés Gel X extensions can also be customized to fit different nail types and preferences. This is what makes Gel X a popular choice for both professional and personal use.

So what are you waiting for? Now that you know what Gel X extensions are, you can begin stocking up on your Aprés Gel X essentials and enjoy 10% off on your first order with us.

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