What's OPI Nail Envy - The Best-selling Nail Strengthener?

OPI Nail Envy is a must-have treatment for anyone looking to strengthen their nails. While many people are familiar with the product, not everyone knows that there are actually four unique formulas available, each designed to target specific nail conditions. Whether you have soft or peeling nails, or you're looking for a matte finish that strengthens, there's a Nail Envy product for you. Best of all, these products can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as a base coat alternative underneath your favorite OPI Nail Lacquer. Simply apply two coats to clean, dry nails with cuticles pushed back, followed by one coat every other day. After one week, remove all Nail Envy and Nail Lacquer with any OPI Polish Remover and repeat the application process again.

  1. Original Formula: This formula is designed for weak, damaged, or peeling nails. It contains hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium to help strengthen nails and prevent further damage.

  2. Sensitive & Peeling Formula: This formula is similar to the original formula but is designed for those with sensitive skin or allergies. It contains the same hydrolyzed wheat protein and calcium as the original formula but is formulated without formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP.

  3. Dry & Brittle Formula: This formula is designed for dry, brittle nails. It contains moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E, kukui nut oil, and sesame oil to hydrate and strengthen nails.

  4. Soft & Thin Formula: This formula is designed for soft, thin nails. It contains extra calcium and sea minerals to help harden nails and prevent them from bending or breaking.

OPI also offers a Nail Envy Color collection that combines the strengthening benefits of Nail Envy with the color of OPI Nail Lacquer. The Nail Envy Color collection includes shades like Hawaiian Orchid, Samoan Sand, Bubble Bath, and Pink to Envy, but with the added benefit of strengthening and protecting nails.

So if you're looking for both color and strength, the Nail Envy Color collection might be a good option for you.

Overall, Nail Envy formulas can help strengthen nails, prevent breakage, and improve the overall health and appearance of nails. The specific formula you choose will depend on your individual nail concerns and preferences.

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