A Long-Lasting Finish

Our wholesale gel polish collection features top brands like OPI, DND, and more. With diverse shades for all skin tones and numerous options catering to different budgets, we have helped countless clients take their businesses to the next level.

Many of our DIY clients also enjoy the convenience and longevity of shellac gel polish. But for special occasions, nail art can help add a bit of drama to your look. Whatever look you’re going for, gel polish can help you create it.

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How to Use Gel Nail Polish

If you like doing your own nails, you can easily create a salon-like professional manicure at home with gel polish. Typically, gel manicures involve three easy steps:

1. First, prep the nails with a base coat.

2. Apply a gel color of your choice

3. Then, seal the color in with a top coat.

Make sure you are curing your manicure with an LED lamp after each coat to help the gel dry thoroughly and set. The top and base coats help ensure that the gel color won’t chip. This reduces the chances of chipping and gives your gel polish a professional, long-lasting finish that’s ideal for working hands.

Make Every Manicure a Work of Art

Doing nail art for special occasions can be a therapeutic way to slow down in your hectic routine. This is a unique form of self care that allows you to express yourself through adornments and designs that reflect your personality. 

Channel your artistic side with our premium wholesale nail art supplies and take your regular gel polish manicure up a notch.

Whether you’re a salon owner, or an at-home nail artist, these supplies will bring your dream nails to life.

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Woman holds a hand to her face showing colorful nail art

Nail Tutorials Curated by Experts

The Nail Maxx Journal brings you tutorials and beauty guides about different products and nail tools. Learn about the various styles of nail extensions, and create your own professional manicure with gel polish from your favorite brands.

Our nail blog also gives you early access to newly launched nail treatments, shellac gel polish collections, salon equipment, and more. Explore step-by-step nail tutorials curated by experts so you can recreate them from the comfort of your home.

Professional Wholesale Beauty Supplies

Nail Maxx is the go-to brand for DIY artists and experts, alike. Throughout our decade of service, we have supplied countless clients with beauty essentials at affordable prices.

Professional nail techs and at-home artists rely on us for our top quality nail equipment and supplies, including gel polish, salon equipment, UV/LED lamps, and more.

We also offer early access for new collections from top brands. Explore our new arrivals and enjoy free US shipping for orders over $99.

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Questions about Gel Nail Polish

Is gel nail polish different from regular nail polish?

The primary difference between regular nail polish and professional gel polish is that the latter does not dry naturally. Gel polish needs to be cured under an LED/UV lamp so that it hardens and doesn’t chip.

Can gel polish be applied without a UV/LED lamp?

Typically, gel polish is cured with UV/LED lamps as it does not dry naturally. This process is called curing, and refers to the hardening of the polish under UV light.

What are the pros and cons of using gel polish?

Gel polish manicures are long lasting and don’t chip easily, which gives them a professional finish – even when done at home. However, gel polish can cause nails to grow brittle over time and may cause peeling and cracking. 

This makes it important to regularly treat your nails and cuticles to restorative nail treatments in between gel manicures. Regular application of cuticle oil is also recommended.

Is it necessary to hire a professional to do a gel polish manicure?

We value nail techs for their expert knowledge and precision. However, you can also create a DIY gel manicure at home. You can even experiment with nail art styles and gel nail extensions. Follow our tutorial to learn how to apply gel nails at home.

What is shellac gel polish?

Shellac is a mixture of gel polish with regular nail polish. This polish gets the benefits of strength from gel polish and ease-of-use from regular nail polish.

How long does gel nail polish last?

A gel nail manicure lasts for about two to three weeks, on average. You can refresh your manicure depending on how fast your nails grow, and according to the intensity of your wear.

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