Spring Brilliance Unleashed

You know what they say, if you want something done bright, do it your way! The OPI Spring 2024 Collection invites you to seize the season with a stunning palette of 12 new shades.

Unleash your creativity with some spring nail art or add some dazzle to your days with the collection’s shiny glitter options. The collection includes gorgeous shades in OPI Gel Color, nail lacquer, Infinite Shine, and Powder Perfection formulas. It's all about doing what you want with OPI!

Achieve Flawless Perfection With OPI Dip Powders

Love long-lasting, fuss-free nails? OPI’s Spring 2024 Powder Perfection collection is all about quick and easy application — perfect for both beginners and pros. Say goodbye to traditional acrylics and hello to a long-wearing formula that exudes a gel-like shine, keeping you effortlessly polished for weeks.

Plus, you can find a wide range of dazzling shades to make your nails just as versatile as acrylic manicures!

six containers of OPI Spring 2024 Powder Perfection
three people show off their OPI nail art with green background

Keep Up With the Latest Nail News

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There is a lot to uncover — from expert how-tos and guides on achieving salon-like manicures at home, to staying in the loop with the latest drops.

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As one of the few national distributors for OPI, we offer exclusive early access to new collections like OPI Your Way. What’s more, our industry expertise enables us to bring you these coveted collections at the best prices in the market.

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