Wave Gel Nails

Our collection of Wave nail polish takes expressing yourself through your nails to a whole new level. Browse a variety of gel color options, including Wave’s unique line of color changing polish. Wave is a well-loved brand for its durable and long-lasting formulas that are suitable for busy hands.

Nourishing Cuticle Oils

Frequent manicures and experimental nail art are fun ways to express yourself. However, repeated applications and chemical treatment may damage your nail bed and harm your cuticles.

This is why it’s necessary to invest in nourishing cuticle oils to restore and revive your nails. Our collection offers a variety of options across different price ranges that makes pampering yourself easy and accessible.

So go ahead and add a cuticle oil to your Wave gel polish routine, and watch your nails shine.

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Two hands interlaced with blue and white nail art

Guides Curated by Experts

With tutorials and guides curated by experts, our nail blog has helped countless clients improve their skills and learn new techniques over the years.

Through our beauty journal, you can read reviews, learn how to use specific nail tools, and get nail art inspiration to try at home.

We also offer industry updates about new products and provide early access for upcoming launches by nail polish brands you love, including Wave, OPI, and DND.

Premium Wholesale Beauty Supplies

Since 2011, Nail Maxx has been the go-to brand for at-home artists and salon technicians in need of good quality wholesale nail supplies.

We offer a vast array of supplies from Wave gel polish to OPI plant-based nail polish and more. Our team of experts curates tutorials for nail enthusiasts, while reviewing the latest collections so you can stay up to date.

Like our clients, you can also upgrade your business with our premium nail products. Explore our new arrivals and enjoy free US shipping over $99.

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