Antifunal Fungus Killer 0.25 oz

SKU: 1561


Helps kill fungus, mold, yeast and bacteria on hands and feet. Goes right to the problem. An all natural, non-greasy(contains no oil) and very effective fungus killer.

It contains the approved active ingredient Miconazole Nitrate. It also contains other top-quality fungus fighting ingredients including, but not limited to: Thymol and White Iodine.

Using the glass dropper, apply one drop at the free edge of each nail once or twice a day to eradicate fungus. No re-contamination from one finger to the next. No need to remove polish from the nail.

As always cruelty free.

Directions: Clean the affected area and dry thoroughly. Use glass dropper to apply a think layer of this product over affected area twice daily (morning and night), or as directed by doctor

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