AORA Glaze White Pearl 3 g





Note: please use all the products enclosed. Please do not mix other products as A-Ora design products to work together and preform to maximum results and long-lasting.

1. Push Back cuticle and remove the shine from nature nails.
2. Apply 
Grip Base Gel and Cure*.
3. Apply the gel color of your choice and Cure.
4. Apply a second coat of color gel if needed and Cure.
5. Use 
non-lint wipe with alcoholremove the tacky layer of the color gel.
6. Apply thin and even coat of 
A-Ora Base Gel and Cure (10-15-30 seconds depend on the LED lamp). Check on the hints below for using a correct timeline.
7. Use your applicator and 
apply the Chrome Powder to start from the cuticle and work down. 
8. Use non-lint wipe with alcohol carefully to remove the free edges.
9. Apply 
Grip Base Gel also cover the free edges and cure*.
10. Apply one coat of 
A-Ora Top Gel and Cure for 1 minute*.

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