GIGI Tea Tree Infused Cream Wax 14 oz

SKU: 0240

$10.50 $17.00
  • Tea Tree Infused Crème Wax: Get silky smooth, supple hair-free skin with the GiGi Tea Tree Crème Wax. Packed with hydrating and skin-nourishing Tea Tree oil that relieves dryness and helps keep skin healthy and gorgeous.
  • Best For Medium Hair: The GiGi Tea Tree Crème wax effectively removes medium hair from the skin without drying it out. Features a lower melting point and creamy texture for easier application. Enjoy overflowing confidence for weeks on end! Wear what you want, when you want!
  • Skin-safe and Gentle: The GiGi Tea Tree Crème Wax™ is expertly formulated to give you excellent hair removal with each session. Best for normal skin! Helps protect from irritation and damage with its antibacterial properties.
  • Pro-Level Hair Removal Wax: Perfect to always have in your hair removal wax kit! Whether you’re a seasoned wax pro or a serious DIY beauty enthusiast, we know you’ll love GiGi Tea Tree Crème Wax™! Gives you flexibility and ease of use without sacrificing quality. A definite must-have on your vanity at home or your waxing pro kit for client appointments!

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