Kiara Sky - Acrylic Brush #18

$48.00 $53.00

The #1 Acrylic Brush is now available in 3 stunning colors: Classic, Pink, and Black! Experience unparalleled acrylic application with Kiara Sky's 100% pure Kolinsky Acrylic Brush. Proudly recognized as the #1 Acrylic Brush in the industry, our professional acrylic brushes reflect a perfect fusion of quality and innovation. Made to last, each brush has been carefully designed with a unique patented ergonomic design and is 100% hand-crafted from the finest materials. Each element of this Kiara Sky Acrylic Brush has been considered, from the stunning crystal cut handle and acetone resistant structure, to the soft flexible bristles that provide you with an effortless and smooth acrylic application.

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