Kiara Sky - Diamond FX Gel - Aurora


$13.00 $14.99

Bring the purply pink tones from the Aurora Borealis and mix them with thousands of tiny stars to make an out-of-this-world nail color! Watch as it sparkles under the sun, or turn on your flash for a reflective glitter show on your nails!

"The Kiara Sky Diamond FX Gel Collection was born to shine! 12 NEW reflective glitter gels with a diamond effect unlike any other. Featuring our signature long-lasting Colorbase formula, mixed with an infinite amount of ultra-sparkly KS Diamond Dust that transforms into a reflective illusion when the lights go out! Show off your crushed-diamond mani during the day, and flash your lights at night for the coolest reflective glitter nails you've ever seen!"

Product Type: GLITTER

Size: 15 ml

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