VOESH Collagen Socks - Argan Oil & Floral Extracts


Slip your feet into our Collagen Socks, now with a new and improved 100% vegan formula. Infused with our NEW vegan collagen, argan oil, and shea butter, these socks deliver an intensive foot treatment in just 15 minutes or less. Nourishing and moisturizing, these foot masks are the perfect remedy for dry skin, thanks to their extreme hydrating properties. With the convenient, patented design, they’re a great addition to any pedicure. Simply tear off the toe tips along the perforated edges for an all-in-one pedicure treatment.

Perfect For:

  • Intensive Foot Care
  • Pedicure Prep / Add-on Treatment
  • Netflix & Chill

Collagen Socks With Argan Oil are perfect for neglected, dry or sensitive skin. VOESH serves more than 100,000 spas and salons worldwide with hygienic, 100% vegan, single-serve spa solutions. Our team is committed to developing all-natural, non-toxic, ethically sourced hand treatments using green chemistry.

Why You Need to Add Moisturizing Foot Socks to Your Foot Care Routine

Vegan collagen-infused moisturizing foot socks are a must-have for your self-care routine. Easy to use, inexpensive and incredibly effective at softening cracked, dry feet, Collagen Socks help restore your skin's suppleness and reverse the effects of skin damage.

The best part? You won't have to stop what you're doing to apply moisturizing Collagen Socks from VOESH. Whether your heels are deeply cracked or just plain dry, Collagen Socks With Argan Oil can deliver salon-style hydration where your skin needs it most. Formulated with skin-softening shea butter and argan oil, these moisturizing foot socks are chock-full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

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