VOESH Pedi in a Box Deluxe 4 Step - Lavender Relieve

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Relax and experience deluxe with our Lavender Relieve Pedi in a Box 4 Step This all-in-one spa pedicure kit is infused with natural lavender extract to drift you away to dreamland for an ultimate relaxation experience. Keep calm and pedi on. Indulge in some me-time and pamper your feet with our Lavender Relieve pedicure! Infused with natural lavender extract, this foot treatment soothes and calms skin, leaving it soft, supple and comfortable. Plus, the invigorating sweet and floral scent of Lavender will send you off into total bliss!

The Perfect Pedi For:

  • DIY At-Home Pedicure
  • Deluxe Spa Pedicure
  • Netflix Night
  • After a Long Workday

The 4-Step Lavender Relieve Pedi in a Box will make taking care of your feet a breeze. 

Made from paraben-free, gluten-free, 100% vegan formulas, the lavender foot scrub, salt soak, mud masque and massage butter from VOESH are made up of strictly good-for-you ingredients. 

To use our Lavender Relieve Pedi in a Box, start with our sumptuous lavender salt soak:

  1. Detoxify and deodorize feet by letting them soak in the salt solution. 
  2. Gently cleanse lower legs and feet with lavender foot scrub. Wash legs and feet. Dry. 
  3. Apply mud masque on both feet and lower legs.
  4. Prep nails while masque detoxifies, cleanses and tightens pores. Wash off mud masque and dry. 
  5. Apply massage cream with therapeutic essences. Massage into the skin to soothe deep tissues. 
  6. Remove excessive cream using a hot towel. Cover with a warm towel to help skin absorb moisture. 
  7. Clean excessive oil on the nail plate. Apply base coat, color and topcoat. 

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